Invite your friends... We'll do the rest!
Waterslides & Dunk Tanks
For When It's Hot..... Or When It's Not
"Big, Wavy, Curvy"
Just What the Name Says
Tropical Waterslide
Up One Side, Down the Other. Pool is attatched at the bottom of slide
Backyard Waterslide
Up One Side, Down the Other. Pool is attatched at the bottom of slide. Not as high as Tropical Waterslide
Tropical Slip and Slide
Double lane slip and slide.  Perfect for racers.  Sprinkler hose runs along middle, weaving through palm trees
Ollie Gator Alley Slip and Slide
Wide, single lane.  Slide down Ollie the Gator's alley!
Ready to Order? Make sure you have the following at the event location:

- Flat patch of grass
- Electricity within 100 ft
- Hose to reach from water source to spot of slide.  We provide a sprinkler hose for all slides to ensure that they stay wet constantly

No Electricity?  WE HAVE GENERATORS!!
Featured Item!
Dolphin Waterslide
Perfect for children up to 8 years old
Pirate Ship Slide!!

- Climb up sturdy steps on one side and slide down the other side

- Slide can be used wet OR dry!

- Perfect for all ages and any weather
Dunk Tanks
Ideal for fundraisers as well as parties
Don't have the space or accessibility for a dunk tank?  

Still want to watch someone get soaked with water?

The "Big Kahuna" is a perfect alternative for when a full size dunk tank is not practical.  

Simply connect your hose to the provided hose connection, fill the bucket to the brim and aim for the target!!

Watch your friends get drenched with a bucket from above!!
Featured Item!