9115-B Bursa Road
Laurel, MD 20723

Dan's cell# (call or text)
To make reservation or check for availability, just email us the following (or you can use Contact Us form but do include the information below is message portion)

1)  Your name OR organization that invoice will be filed under
2)   address of event (and personal address if different than event)
3)   email and contact phone# ( specifically phone# for contact person, day of event)
4)   Items requested to reserve
5)   any specific notes like; going on asphalt as opposed to grass, generator(s) needed (if not within 100ft of electricity to run fans for inflatables, etc)

Moonbounces (15x15)                                   $189 (full day - up to 6 hours but can keep overnight if late party)

COMBOS (mb + slide )
castle combo  (prince and princess)               $275      (main differences in combos is overall size, and a few
Atlantis Club                                                 $295      ( extra activities, like bb hoop or obstacles, but mainly
5-in-1 Combo                                                $295      ( the size of mb section and slide is the difference)
C6 Panel                                                      $310
Paradise Combo                                           $275

(Interactive Inflatables/Games)
*NEW  Wrecking Ball                                   $395
boxing ring w/oversized gloves                       $250
pedestal joust                                              $375
bungee run                                                  $375  
Tropical Obstacle Course (40')                       $395
*NEW  Castle Obstacle 65'                           $575
Adrenaline Rush II   ( 3 piece )                       $795
Rescue Squad   (for toddlers)                        $295
Velcro Wall                                                  $375
Inflatable Twister                                           $195

*NEW*  FIELD Goal Challenge 20' High         $225
*NEW*  Human FOOSBALL                         $395
*NEW*  Human Whack-a-Mole                     $325

(WATER Slide Inflatables + Dunk Tanks)

Tropical Waterslide                                      $325
Dolphin Express Waterslide                         $325
Fire and Ice waterslide                                 $495
Dual Lane Tropical Slip-n-Slide                     $325

Dunk Tank                                                   $250
Big Splash                                                   $195

Carnival Games AND Field Games

ALL Tarp Games                                           $65 EACH
QB toss, Monkey Toss, Fetch, Shark Attack, Pin the Tail, Alien Invasion

Carnival Games                                            $65 EACH
Haunted House, Mini Golf Hole, Leapin Lizards, Down the Ducks, Plinko, Prize Wheel, Roller Bowler, Crazy Driver, Knockout, Can Smash

Small Carnival Games                                  $50 EACH
Ring the Bull, Tic Tac Toe, small can smash, Colors

Human Spheres AND Zorbs

Human Spheres                                           $95 each or $175/pair
Bubble Soccer Zorbs                                   $140/pair OR $325/set of (6)

TENTS, Tables and Chairs

20x20  pole tent  (grass only)                       $275
20x30  pole tent  (grass only)                       $350
20x40  pole tent  (grass only)                       $450

30X40  pole tent                                          $775
30x60  pole tent                                          $975

15x15  frame tent  - cross cable                  $225
20x20  frame tent  - cross cable                  $295

10x10  popup canopies                               $65
8x8     carnival canopy                                $65

6' rectangle tables (plastic)                        $7.50
8' rectangle           (wood)                          $9.50
60" round              (wood)                          $10.50
48" round              (wood)                          $9.50
36" standing cocktail                                  $10

folding chairs black or white                       $1.75 or $1.50 if over 40chairs