Inflatable Movie Screens
Invite the guys over to watch the big game!

Host your own "Dive In" movie

Set up some tents and have a sleep over in the backyard while enjoying your favorite flick
(Or better yet, sleep in a moonbounce)

Play your favorite video game and host a tournament with all your friends

The possibilities are endless with these AWESOME inflatable screens!!

*All Screens come complete with sound system, projector, DVD player, and necessary cables.  (If using your own video game system, ensure that you have
the necessary cables)
Other Equipment
You can rent just our speakers which will simply connect to an iPod or computer and have the music blasting at your party.
Portable Screens
Our portable movie screens are available for pickup from our warehouse and come with all of the necessary set up equipment.  Save big with our portable screens while still having a great time!
NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT - It must be dark or getting close to dark in order to start the movie and be able to see it on the screen

10' Diagonal - portable frame
13' Diagonal - Inflatable
20' Diagonal - Inflatable

10' frame package    $245   (screen only - $145)
13' Inflatable            $295   (screen only - $195)
20' Inflatable            $375   (screen only  - $275)

package includes: Projector, Power Amp Speakers, DVD Player