A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Anyone
Inflatable Games
Inflatable Basketball
Mini All-Stars
Inflatable T-Ball
Field Games
Inflatable Track
Human Spheres
Sumo Suits
Knock Your Block Off
Boom Blasters
Feed the Monkey
Alien Invasion
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Golf Challenge
Quarterback Toss
Shark Attack
All Aboard
Carnival Games
Knock Out
Pick a Pop
Potty Toss
Ring the Bull
Tic-Tac Toe
Roller Bowler
Crazy Driver
Prize Wheels
Kids Toss Games
Choose from "Steamin' Steadman", "Flyin' Freddie"and "Leapin' lenny". 
Add a red and white canopy tent for a real carnival feel!
Carnival Tent
Cash Cube
Duck Pond
Cash Vault
Frisbee Golf
Big Foot Race
Wacky Mirrors
Tug of War Rope
Choose from 3 designs
Davy Jones Locker Treasure Chest
The Hen House
Fill with prizes and let kids reach in for a surprise 
Can Smash
Bottle Stand Up
Hoop Shot
PK Shootout
QB Blitz
Gnooly Ball
Kiddie Striker
Hi Striker
14 ft high!
Mini Golf
Rent up to 3 holes. 
Featured Games!
Down the Ducks
Beanbag Toss
Monster Blast
Nerf Gun Shooter
Leaping Lizards
Classic Frog Hop Challenge
Please Note:  Most of our games are meant to sit on tables.  Ensure that you have tables or rent them from us.  They can be found under the tents and tables section.  

Why not add a red and white carnival tent while you're at it to add a true carnival feel!
Order Up
A creative way to award prizes to the big winners.  

Please note: Our prize boxes do not come stocked.  Please ensure that you have small prizes to fill the treasure chests.  
SOCCER Zorb Balls
Wacky Trikes
Pony Hops
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Make up to a (3) hole course, comes with driver, mid range, putter frisbees and score cards

$75 for (1) hole or get (3) full set for $175 - great for teens and adults
GREAT Rental Item(s) for kids over 10 up to adult. Play 3 on 3 soccer, Last Man Standing, Sumo Type Competitions. Great for camps, youth groups, corporate team building, company picnics or backyards. These are FUN !!  Rent a pair or set o 2,4,6 or 8 ?